those blue drinks are evil!!

me and crazy bandana-head holding the lethal blue moonaritas

See those drinks that me and crazybandanahead are holding? Those are Blue Moonaritas-just should be referred to as “just plain evil.” I hadn’t even checked in at the NYRR Club Night yet before I had one handed to me. Yep, just that alone shoulda signaled how the evening was gonna be.
Don’t get me wrong, I did have a great time. After a lot of efforts in the last month or so to fill the Flyer tables (it was tougher this year-partially because the price had gone up again, but partially because once again, it was too close to the awards gala)-we got there, and had a pretty good group attending…from the open runners to the super vets.
me holding the mens open team's award-a tiffany plate!Our team was the recipients of team awards yet again…our open men won third in their division, and our veteran women won second in theirs (and from what I heard-were very close to first!!) I of course initiated the screaming, I mean cheering when they were announced…congrats again, but next year I want to see both of you get first and get up on stage! 🙂
Then-the individual awards…and as everyone was quite antsy to get do the dancing, I do appreciate the efforts to move along this part of the program as quickly as possible. Our veteran superstar had won her age group last year, and was up again this year but unfortunately lost out (you’ll get em next year!!)

the one from the NYRR dancing with one of my teammates

And then came my favorite part…the dancing. And this year, I actually got nabbed on the NYRR site…with what is apparently my “signature arm in the air move” (as I was doing that same move in quite a few pics on the Flyer site!! Need a new schtick…) But by then, those damn blue drinks snuck up on me. Needless to say, there was no repeat of last year’s post party, and I was glad I had off from work on Friday 🙂
All in all? Another fun and inspirational evening (and bandanahead agrees) If I can be running my best times 10 or so years down the line I’d be happy…but next year, stick solely to wine!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “those blue drinks are evil!!

  1. Were there any ass photos taken this year?

  2. sorry to say-no 😦

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