monkey business

Oh, I just love the “First Mondays”, or the time of the month that the downtown crew runs to beer/other assorted beverages. This month we returned to one of my faves-Brass Monkey. (as always, I know how to pick them!) The two Blue Moons were much needed, and it was fun chatting…and also checking out a fellow Flyer‘s bling from the Little Rock Marathon-apparently at 6 1/4″ x 4 1/2″, this is the biggest finishers medal ever!)

But my legs are feeling the brunt of the run today…not re-injured, but…I don’t think my legs really like the surface of the West Side Highway path too much. Some elliptical, yoga and foam roller action will definitely be on tap for today…and I’d love to limit my other runs this week to the bridle path but the time of day may not permit that (dammit, can’t Daylight Savings Time come already…Sunday is not soon enough…lol!)

But as much as I like running with the downtown crew, I may really need to re-think the Monday night runs…or at least the frequency of them. Throwing a question to all you NYC runners-if you run in both Central Park and the West Side Highway path-do you find that the latter surface is tougher on your legs? Inquiring minds wanna know 🙂


7 thoughts on “monkey business

  1. brass monkey! now thats what im talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!! imho—my favorite bar on the west side :)as for the west side highway…asides from the NYC half and a couple of Nike runs, not a big fan of it. There’s too many incoming traffic, bikers etc. East river baby!

  2. I actually like the West Side Highway better, because I can run much further without having to loop.

  3. After I hurt my knee a year ago I started running more on the bridle paths in central park and it is much better than anything else. I would pick ’em up at Tavern on the Green and run all the way up to 100th street, then back again on the east side down to around 80th. p.s. almost wrote “bridal path” … oops.

  4. moz-brass monkey is a favorite work haunt…i work very close to there :)derek-oh i definitely love running on the bridle path…unfortunately i can only seem to do it when it’s light out…meaning right now, weekends only. and you’re not the only one who’s mispelled/almost mispelled it that way 🙂

  5. Try running on the slightly green strips where they exist — the parts that look kind of like a very old tennis court surface. When I ran fairly regularly down there, before I moved to the northern provinces, it always seemed a bit softer on those parts. As I recall they’re largely on the river side, near the benches. But it’s been six months since I’ve been there.

  6. Depends what you are looking for. On the WSH where I normally run you can mix it up with the piers to do some running on wood and grass and artificial turf for a bit but 90% is asphalt and flat. The river view and breeze (during the summer is awesome). CP is for hill will strictly for me as I live in the Meatpacking. C U sunday for the 15k???

  7. I am definitely a guilty party when it comes to spelling “bridle” path. Apparently, I have very little experience with anything “bridle” therefore, the word does not immediatly come to mind when I’m thinking of the path.

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