sugar sweet rum runners

I think these words pretty much summed up my weekend…

  • I had quite a few sugar-rimmed watermelon and apple-tinis at Honey on Friday nite (great happy hour specials, BTW!)…and yes, I did briefly chat up a guy at the bar…nothing came out of it, except a free mojito 🙂 And it was a fun girls nite out, which was really the point of the night anyways!
  • Sampled some cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine-and let me tell you, their vanilla cupcakes really give Magnolia Bakery a run for their money-too bad it’s located in the opposite corner of town from me (down in the Lower East Side!)
  • I consumed many rum drinks (no rum runners though!) on Saturday nite-needless to say, Coogan’s was NOT happening for me on Sunday. No sirree, as I did not wake up til noon. That’s OK, done it once…
  • Did the full 6-mile loop yesterday for the first time since the injury-yay!!

On tap this week? 3-day workweek, some “monkey”ing around, schmoozing with the rest of the running world, and running a race that-for me-is pointless :-p

More to come…


3 thoughts on “sugar sweet rum runners

  1. Where can I get one of those rum drinks?? ;)nice job on the loop! You must be back!!

  2. Congrats on running the full 6!

  3. thanks-though i don’t think my legs liked the surface of the west side hwy path too much tonite :-\ i think i will be making tomorrow an XT day…and trying to stick to softer surfaces if possible for the next coupla days…

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