always seems to be the case for a Friday!! boss is on vacay, quite a few other people are out of the office, I have plans after work and just can’t wait for it to be quitting time!! i want to be concentrating on work, but really there is nothing pressing. And facebook is the ultimate time-sucker as well :-p

oh yeah, today is February 29th, and I can’t forget what I was told about leap day!! Apparently this is the day where the tables are turned and women can ask men to marry them. Nope-I do not intend on doing that tonite, not at all!! But hey-I say this gives me free reign to approach a guy at the bar and chat him up-right? 🙂

and completely off-topic…UWS’ers (esp. those around the 70’s-80’s)…have you noticed an “E 74th St” sign where there is supposed to be a “W76th St” sign (i think it’s that block!!) on CPW? I noticed that when running up CPW last nite…strange. Just as amusing as the Times Square Shuffle (which I really thought was a mistake and was supposed to say “Shuttle”!)


One thought on “scatterbrained

  1. Y’know, my little sis lives and grew up in New Zealand, and my fam is always teasing her about when she is going to marry her boyfriend. They were like, you need to propose to him on Leap Day! I guess that is more of a tradition there, that that’s the one day when women can propose. I was like, “y’know, American women would be pretty mad at that idea, that that’s the one day every four years they can propose!” And by implication you can’t other days.But anyway, I guess I was wrong. However my point is that you have free reign to do this EVERY day. Chat up those guys at the bar Flygirl!!

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