another pointless race!!

Two years in a row!!

Last March, a club points race got cancelled, now it’s happened again-the Snowflake 4-miler has been turned into a “fun run” due to the snow. Which means for me? Sleeping in!! No need to risk re-injury by running on slippery roads. Yeah, I know running in the snow is beautiful and special…but now’s not the time for me to partake in that.

Unfortunately, the snow also disrupted my initial happy hour plans…trying to come up with an alternate…


3 thoughts on “another pointless race!!

  1. I’m sure I’m not the only fun who thinks it’s a given that a race called “snowflake” would be affected by snow.

  2. maybe others who have been NYRR members longer than I have can comment…but this would have been the 4th time I ran this race, and there were no snowflakes the day of the last 3 times!! oh the irony…And if was shorts weather, I was planning on wearing this to the race…would have been quite appropriate 🙂

  3. No way — that is too funny! I thought of you all today when I heard about the snow.

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