on the road again

Central Park and I are getting along just fine now. 🙂 I’ve worked my way up to the middle 4 and lower 5-the latter done today in 60+ degree weather…was quite nice to be running in mid-February wearing shorts and short-sleeves!! And saw 3 Flyers also taking advantage of a day off and nice weather running in the opposite direction.

No pain at all whatsoever-nice!! (Of course, I’ve been a good little girl and have stretched before and after.) Endurance-wise, my legs are feeling fine. The hills are another story, I think I may need to get myself re-hill trained. Pace for the effort still faster than before, which I’m still kinda sorta confused about, considering the last couple times I started running again after a hiatus. Right now, I’m taking it to mean that I was overtraining before, and maybe I do better with less mileage and more cross-training.

Unfortunately, this means I currently have no concept of pace, and what I should/shouldn’t be doing. I’ll use Saturday as a benchmark of sorts (not an all-out effort, just to see “where I’m at”)-I plan to use the Colon Cancer 4-miler next month as more of a race effort-the 15K is a club points race, but I don’t think I’d be up to that distance just yet. Plus I’ll just do my thing, then cheer on the rest of my teammates 🙂

I guess I sorta feel like my “old self” is back-but no getting cocky this time!! Train smarter, keep up the cross-training and stretching. Obviously I was doing something right this time…


One thought on “on the road again

  1. hey, happy to hear you were out enjoying the great weather yesterday! regarding your faster pacing, perhaps you did just need a break after all. sometimes stepping away for a bit can refresh your legs – especially if you’ve fallen into the trap of overtraining.

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