betcha thought i was gonna post yesterday

…or turn the blog black like last year.

nah, didn’t feel like putting forth the effort.

though i did wear black. and tried to treat it like just another day, but still felt like i had a sign on me that said “i’m single, take pity on me.” Didn’t help that Chelsea Market was decked out in red and white balloons and had a dressed-up Elvis and cupid giving out red carnations, I kid you not.

At least I saw less couples that need to get a room this year.

And the only advantage to valendoomsday-the gym is empty. Meaning I can get a treadmill without having to wait…for the first time in…when?

But doesn’t mean that I’m not glad that today is February 15th. Believe me, I’m glad!!

And I’m looking forward to reading the “Black Thursday” reports on Eater. (aka v-day horror stories due to eating out in ridiculously crowded and expensive restaurants.) teehee.


2 thoughts on “betcha thought i was gonna post yesterday

  1. I hope you soon can get to the point that I happily reached several years ago, which is sincerely not caring about Valentine’s Day. Kind of how I feel about weddings, too. I want to have some sort of celebration when I find Mr. Right, with lots of drinking and eating and dancing, but I’m not living for it. It’s one day; a marriage is a lifetime and is the thing to shoot for rather than the cake, dress, and big old diamond.It seems really strange to me that there is this one day where couples are supposed to get all romantic. Every person carrying roses or couple strolling along outside restaurants that night made me say to myself, “Suckers.” I guess I’ve become cynical, too aware that many relationships are very flawed, struggling or even miserable.I was heartened to see three people who are married show up to my Thursday night singing class. They were like, “Valentine’s Day, whatever. My husband/wife doesn’t care, either.”It is nice to have a day where love itself is celebrated, I guess, but I think overall V-Day is a way for the florists and candymakers and restaurants and greeting card companies to rake in the cash.And by the way, no one will view you as single and worthy of pity as long as YOU don’t view yourself that way. Walk tall, girl!

  2. i was having a conversation with a mutual friend of ours last week about v-day, and during said conversation, i realized the first time i really started to hate v-day was the year where the Ex emailed me on that day, andin the process was sorta bragging about how great things were for him-at a time where things were not going well for me. (like jeez, great timing…) Plus having to see all the couples that need to get a room kinda make me feel down that I don’t have anyone special to share the day with (then again, I get to see that every day…) i guess for me, its not even about the cards and flowers and candy…it’s about having someone-which I don’t.

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