takin’ it outside

So after a couple of weeks of building up on the dreadmill, I was ready for longer than I desire to handle on a dreadmill, and was dying to get outside, so yesterday I tackled 2 reservoir loops (or 3.1 miles total.) Thankfully, the weather was around 40ish and not rainy (despite previous warnings of torrential downpours)-even though I normally would wear capris, or possibly shorts-I chose to wear long tights since I felt it’d be better if my calves were “wrapped.” And I made sure to stretch well before and after the run, and even inbetween loops.

Based on the experience of my first run after my previous injury-I expected this to be a complete struggle. However, it did feel good-NO pain whatsoever!! :)-and imagine my surprise when I finished the first rez loop in 13 1/2 minutes. And the second loop in exactly the same time. And I wasnt trying to “tempo” or “race” this (well I do admit to picking it up slightly near the end-but not race pace.) But to be averaging 8:34’s, at the same effort that before the injury, would have given me 9:34’s? Yeah, I don’t understand it either. Or maybe it’s possible that I really was overtraining before and that I needed the running break. (I will admit-the main driver of my 30-mile weeks near the end of 2007 was vanity-little frustrated at having put on weight, wanted to counteract the evils of holiday eating, had awards gala dresses and other clothing items to fit into, etc…so I figured I needed some target to make sure I got out there and run!)

What does this mean? Well I am not gonna do anything crazy and run 10 miles next weekend πŸ™‚ (more realistic-build up to middle 4, lower 5, full 6, etc…) And I am gonna make sure I slow down as well!! But at least all is not lost-and I did feel-just for a moment-like my old self was back.

So most likely, I will be at the Snowflake 4-miler-I did miss the deadline for early registration…so I do have time to definitely decide πŸ™‚

Yay for the Grammys tonite…anyone else watching?? πŸ™‚

And one more thing that I absolutely have to mention. I was walking down 14th Street yesterday after a visit to Trader Joes, heading for the M14 (dammit why did the L train have to be out of commission between Union Square and 8th Ave this weekend?) and some crazy guy throws a glove at my face and startles me and I scream. Well wouldn’t you know it, the culprit was indeed a crazy guy-Crazy Bandanahead. He got several bonks on the head with my umbrella for that :-p

4 thoughts on “takin’ it outside

  1. hey – congrats on the good run! Glad to hear you ran pain-free.As for the Grammys, sadly I will not be watching as I’m actually on a plane right now coming BACK from LA after a Grammy party last night. So I was here for the warm-up, but missing the main event!

  2. I go through this exact same process every time a big work push kills my running. The first few runs back are usually bizarrely fast. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) you’ll probably slow down naturally once you start running back-to-back-to-back days again. (And that Bandana guy is such a punk!)

  3. scarinzic-you mean you had to miss the kanye and amy show? for shame :-p That’s cool you got to attend a Grammy party though!! Which celebs were there…jon-thanks for bringing me back to reality :-p we’ll see though-as the last couple of times I had started running again after a hiatus, I had actually been much slower!! And yeah…Bandana guy is such a punk-ass :-p

  4. hey there! Yeah, kanye and amy kind of hijacked the show, huh? The party was cool, but late and I was on ny time. Some pretty big stars in the room – stevie wonder, jay-z, rihanna, prince… Might have been more fun if I hadn’t flown in a couple hours before. I was beat!

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