the best night ever

view from the loft space where the awards gala was

(post title inspired by title of an episode from The Hills Season 2. 🙂 )

Not sure about the “best night ever,” but last nite’s Flyers awards gala was definitely a fabulous night. After the last 2 years’s shindigs taking place at the Manhattan Club, it changed venues this year to SunWest Studios Loft-a very funky loft space in way west Manhattan which inside, had the appearance of a trendy NYC loft party, and awesome views of the city from both the windows and the outside balcony. Definitely give this venue change a thumbs up!!
Anyway, had a new dress for the occasion (which thankfully I was able to fit into-LOL!! I took chances by snatching it up on sale last June…) had all the accessories, shoes, hair and makeup all ready to go…I met up with Runner26 and her husband to share a cab to the party and by the time we got there, it was already packed!! Surprised…in the words of R26 herself “We don’t have to be fashionably late-just fashionable!” Guess everyone had the same idea-or just wanted to take advantage of the open bar…knowing my team, I think the latter 🙂
After about an hour and a half of sipping cosmos, socializing, posing for pictures, comparing formal attire (and who knew kilts were in fashion this year!! i spotted em on 3 of our guys…) it was time for the awards ceremony. The “Year in Photos” show was always entertaining, especially when I see pics of me in there…I spotted one of me and HC at Urban Athletics after the Snowflake 4-miler, me running up CPW during the Mini 10K (which another teammate commented to me that one seemed to get a lot of applause…), a team picture of Team Blaenjoying the party...and the open barck at Need For Speed…and oh yeah, one of my chest, I mean the Flyers logo (yeah Dr. Evil…sure thats the real reason for using that picture!!) After that, was time for the actual awards, and the two MC’s did a great job…usually the natives are restless during the awards part because they want to get back to the drinking and dancing, but they made the awards presentations very entertaining. Wasn’t a huge surprise to me, since I was on the awards committee and had a big part of choosing the awards, but was great to see the presentations, and so many deserving peeps win…including quite a few bloggers 😉


And very fittingly, the dancing started off with one of my favorites-“SexyBack” 🙂 the final 2 hours seemed to pass by in such a blur…everything from current dance, to 80s to 70s to salsa and then all of a sudden, “Last Dance” came on…mind you, I was not drunk, but I guess time really flies when you are having fun!! Not ready to end the night, we all attempted to come up with an after-party plan…and not surprisingly, Kanvas was chosen…since I think that was probably the closest place-but was way too packed. So…I think everyone scattered after that…I wound up with the group who ended up going nearby to grab some food and just discuss the great night that went by.
Thankfully not hungover, but useless today-didn’t get to sleep til after 3 and didn’t move from bed til around 2. Such a great weekend…between the gala and a great time at a friend’s b-day party on Friday nite…

And the dress was a hit, and I intend to bring it out again in a month at NYRR’s Club Night!! Looks like we are gonna have a very lively group there again and I’m excited for it. (And hope we reprise the post-party…heh heh.)

6 thoughts on “the best night ever

  1. Boo-hoo. I miss Flyers events, and Club Night, too!

  2. come back then :-p

  3. I second everything you said re: the Gala. It was a great time!! Glad we could party all weekend long!

  4. I’m glad it was fun….but sorry I missed it. I’m still in viral recovery mode.

  5. you looked great, btw.

  6. That was YOUR chest. I had no idea. I just loved the logo. heh heh heh

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