numbers are up

Giants 3, Pats 2. Those are the numbers I got in my company’s Super Bowl pool, those are the last digits that the quarterly scores need to end in in order to earn me some $$$. Honestly, this is the only reason I’d be watching, I really don’t care who wins (though it has been amusing throwing Manning and Brady at people via SuperPoke on Facebook. teehee.)

And besides, this has a strong possibility of being a dry Super Bowl for me…thanks to the Flyers Awards Gala on Saturday night!! SO excited for that!! Everyone bringing out the bling and red carpet attire, open bar, dancing til the wee hours…yep, I forsee that I will be extremely useless on Sunday.

(and I am sure Flyer attendance at the Gridiron 4-miler will be very low. I know I don’t anticipate getting out of bed before noon on Sunday…)


2 thoughts on “numbers are up

  1. That sounds like a fun way to do a pool! I know nothing about football so picking random numbers for last digits would be the only way I could win 🙂 Have fun at the Flyers Gala!

  2. i used to run the super bowl pool at my old job, and that was how I had to convince people to buy boxes…”you dont need to know anything about football, it’s really just dumb luck!!”

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