my new toy arrived today!!

my new laptop-mine is the black one

yay…I got my new laptop a week earlier than I thought I would!! Boy does Dell have super-fast shipping for free…

And I can’t believe I got this computer for half the price that I got my previous Dell laptop for…and that was 4 years ago!! I did order it around the time that Apple made their little laptop announcement…wonder if PC manufacturers cut their prices in response?? If so, I ain’t complaining šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “my new toy arrived today!!

  1. The real question is, what color did you choose? I didn’t even know laptops came in colors (except for those Apple iBooks from a few years ago), but now I want to get a new laptop just so I can get pink šŸ™‚

  2. Mine is the matte black one. Honestly, I didn’t need to spend the extra $25 for a different color. But yeah, I guess Dell is getting fashionable to compete with Apple (anyone remember that SATC episode where Aidan bought Carrie the iBook and compared it to a purse? lol!)

  3. Congrats on the big purchase! It’s funny that computers seem to conk out every 4-5 years. Almost like there’s a stopwatch counting down the seconds somewhere…

  4. well mine actually is still operational-just would have needed the keyboard fixed and probably a memory upgrade to really be efficient. considering its out of warranty and how much technology has improved, it was more worth it to get a new one.and this laptop worked like a charm compared to my first one-in 3 years i had to have the monitor replaced once, the adapter replaced once, the keyboard fixed twice, the hard drive replaced twice…

  5. I absolutely love the smell of new technology! Mmmmmm!

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