different, but the same

well this was interesting. this past weekend, me and my Flyer teammate NC decided to take on a duo of Jewish singles parties…each one with a decidedly different vibe to it.

The first one on Saturday night, was held at an Equinox gym in midtown…the premise was to get fitness-minded Jewish singles together. And no cover for women, so hey, why not? And honestly-I think it was a good idea in theory. But I think the end result was kinda underwhelming. First off-the only hooch there was wine samples. (Good thing I already had a mojito and a glass of white wine at dinner.) At least it was free, but hey…you need more alcohol to induce mingling!! I’m sure people would even pay for it. Second, the only food available to guests was fruit. Obviously the organizers have never spent much time around runners. And not surprisingly-the crowd was mostly female (well duh…of course, thanks to the free cover!) and the males there…kinda meh. (And of course, I ran into someone I know-a male friend of my friend’s sister who i met at the Matzo Ball. There-my “jewish singles are a small world” moment of the night.) Our favorite was the one guy who kept trying to convince us we were drunk and slurring our words. Who knows, maybe he was on to something…after all, we excused ourselves from uncomfortable conversations quite a few times that nite to sample yet another type of wine, til we sampled them all and by then it was time to call it a night.

And we tried again on Sunday night…this event was one that apparently attracted a more “Euro” Jewish crowd, and was held at a nice bar in midtown. The music was great, the dancing was fun. But the men…oh. mah. gawd. Quite a few of them were pretty aggressive-this was like some of my better JDate emails come to life. (oh, and of course we had a “jewish singles are a small world” moment of the night-we did recognize a couple of guys from the night before…one even remembered my LV bag.) NC and I had to rescue each other quite a bit by either hitting the bar or just going elsewhere til we both had enough!! I think the best thing that we got out of the night was free chocolate :-p

Well, at least we went into these without expectations…all in all I was fine with what it was…and what it usually is-a good time with friends, with stories to tell afterwards! 🙂


4 thoughts on “different, but the same

  1. See, this is what makes me want to go to these Jewish dating things! I think I should be able to clean up!

  2. Asking this question in all innocence, and having met me, you know it’s unlikely I am trying to hit on you 🙂 – You attended the Jewish Singles nights and subscribe to JDate, would you consider other denominations, for example, a good catholic irish guy 😉 – Not simply for a date, but as a potential life partner?

  3. derek-why, are you gonna be one of those aggressive, gropy guys? not attractive, i tell ya…liam-i have dated non-jewish guys seriously in the past, and thats all i have to say about that

  4. no, i meant as someone who has slightly more class than that, i would offer the mature alternative.

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