damn those resolution people

OK, I just called up NYSC to get my name on the class list for tomorrow morning’s spin class at 9:15…so we’re talking almost 24 hours in advance.

And I wind up #5 on the waiting list…WTF??? C’mon, isn’t everyone supposed to be sleeping in on Saturday morning?

And this seems to have been the trend for the entire month. Yep, it’s the onslaught of the “resolution people”…the reason why I get shut out of spin classes or have to wait forever for a cardio machine when people don’t want to follow the 30 minute limit (and then give me a look when I remind them of said limit.)

I do respect the fact that people want to make changes for the better…but for those of us who work out year round, it is a little frustrating when routine gets interrupted due to people who most likely will give it up after a month. And the gyms don’t seem to meet the increased demand for that time either…

In previous years it hasn’t bothered me-but this time around, I’m more dependent on the gym than before!! (Thank god I never canceled my membership…)


8 thoughts on “damn those resolution people

  1. flygirl– it’s fine- typically there are fall-outs on the spin classes as in people not showing up. Well that’s my case for the east midtown NYSCs (34/2nd, 36/mad)….speaking of the treadmill…man you are so going to hate me now…. yup i’m one of those people who don’t respect the 30 min limit (ran 12 miles on a treadmill once!) However, I will walk off the treadmill if someone asks me to.

  2. hey there, just popping in… had to comment when i saw your post – i know what you’re going through! i swim at NYSC and you have to book lape lanes a WEEK in advance if you have any intention of swimming on a specific day.

  3. I have to say, I totally hear you on this one. I guess there’s nothing you can really do–I mean, they paid their memberships just like you and just because they don’t go regularly blah blah blah–but still. I get it. I hope it clears up for you soon, but in the meantime, they say “patience is a virtue.” I have to repeat that to myself ALL THE TIME!! Best of luck flygirl!!

  4. I usually need to call up 2 days in advance whenever I go spinning at NYSC

  5. Fear not. The resolution people will drop off in another week or so.

  6. I just wanted to say YAY FOR TK AND RACHEL!!

  7. moz-i actually was able to take the class, but literally by the skin of my teeth…it really was a full house!! as for the 30 minute limit, thats usually just during peak hours (not long-run days!) and as long as you dont give anyone lip, thats all good.scarinzic-thanks for stopping by!! which NYSC do you swim at? I’ve used the pool at 49th/BWay before…looks like I may not be doing that any time soon!!R26-yeah i agree-which is why I did say I respect those who want to get in shape, but it just interrupts the routine!! As long as they have proper etiquette though…jb24-really? I’ve been told I can only do 24 hrs in advance!!josh-hope so!!june-yay!! i knew they had it won on the final task. was just praying the cabbies wouldnt screw it up again!!

  8. The resolution crowd extends beyond NYC. They’re here in Chicago, too, and they make going to the gym in January utter hell. I just avoid my gym this time of year unless I can get there during off hours or there’s a class that doesn’t require sign-up. The flakes will be gone by March — just be patient.

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