they tried to make me go to rehab, but i said ‘no, no, no’…

(ok-not *that* type of rehab. but i just couldnt resist using that as a title.)

I had my first PT appointment yesterday, which honestly wasn’t too painful. Some deep tissue massaging of the calf-which did hurt meaning that even though the pain has really subsided, there is apparently still a bit of damage there…I just sucked up the pain as 1. I know it needs to be done to get this thing to heal and 2. I felt worse pain when I had Active Release done on my plantar faciitis (there were times that the pain was so bad, that the doc gave me a pillow to clutch onto at those times.) After that was some stretches (which I will need to do at home 3x a day), some foam roller action (which I should do at the gym), some ultrasound and icing. And I guess this will all be repeated in the weeks to come…

And the PT told me to just keep up with my cross training-which has been a mix of spinning, yoga, elliptical and upper body weights-as long as nothing aggrevates my calf. And honestly-right now the only sore part of my body is my arms…I think yoga definitely gives them a better workout than the weight machines do!! My first week on the running DL has passed by surprisingly fast…and even though the pain seems to have gone away, I don’t think I’d want to chance running just yet. I’m fine to give it another week…honestly, the next couple of weeks are packed socially between birthday parties and work events which will keep me quite busy…

In non-running news, Magnolia Bakery will be opening on the UWS in a few days!!! Forget about rehab…i will need cupcake intervention instead!!!

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