what i’ve learned in the last few days

a bullet point list…

  • Cigna has the crappiest.network.ever. It took me several tries to find a PT that accepted my insurance. Next year I think I will spring for the extra $5 per paycheck and get the PPO plan. But nevertheless, with the help of a co-worker, I did find a PT and my first appointment is Wednesday. Wish me luck.
  • Maybe I needed to have someone tell me not to run for 2 weeks. The calf pain has definitely subsided, most likely because I’ve been a good little girl and stuck to cross-training. I do still feel tightness there though-which will hopefully be nipped in the bud with some PT.
  • Surprise, surprise, yoga is actually a great workout. I have been hesitant to try it, as I have done Pilates before and that had just bored me to tears-and I expected yoga to be more of the same. I did a couple of hatha yoga classes at NYSC in the last few days and they are actually more intense than I thought-I definitely had to work at it!! But I think this and spinning will keep me sane while on the running DL and even off the DL too!
  • On the topic of spinning, my Flyer teammate SW teaches a kick-ass spinning class. She subbed today for one of the classes i usually take and didn’t disappoint. Highly recommended!
  • But even though I’m getting into this cross-training, I’m still feeling out of the loop socially. Yeah, I got a little envious hearing about a great “run to food” that happened this past weekend. I know there will be other runs…but still, just because I can’t run right now doesn’t mean I want to be antisocial…I can still do non-running things…I dunno. I’m tired of feeling left out.
  • How great has this season of The Amazing Race been? I can’t wait for next week’s finale…GO TK and Rachel!! (yeah, I like the nice teams)

Now if you excuse me, I think I need to make a prayer to the snow gods for a snow day tomorrow…or at the very least, a delayed opening šŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “what i’ve learned in the last few days

  1. i am SO happy about TK and Rachel!!Hang in there with the cross training. I had to drop to the half and had 5 weeks of nothing but cross and i came back stronger than ever!

  2. i’m actually not sweating the XT (no pun intended…lol)-especially since winter looks like it’s actually hitting this week in the NE, good time to be indoors. And I actually don’t have any goal races on the schedule right now (only thing I was possibly considering was the broad street 10-miler…and that is still 2 1/2 months away) I just hate feeling antisocial.For all I know, I may get released early for good behavior. We’ll see on Wednesday, what the PT’s take on all this is…

  3. Hey, a note on yoga: IMHO, hatha IS boring! If you want a workout, try vinyasa or the Power Yoga that NYSC offers. It’s strenuous!

  4. Do you think those 2 would be too advanced for me right now? (I assumed they would be based on the description on the NYSC site…)

  5. no need to get bummed about the bkfast…it was a last minute sort of thing…there will be more and there was no intention to exclude you out. your other things seem to keep you in good spirits…no running? wait did I totally miss that? I must have…wheew. I’m so out of the loop as well…

  6. dude-have you not checked your emails in the past week? :-p

  7. In terms of being too strenuous for you, no. Vinyasa involves lots of what are called sun salutations, which entail these pushups, and I found those hard to do when I started, but after a few months, piece of cake.But if you’re not familiar with yoga poses, maybe. But there’s really only one way to learn. Maybe arrive early and tell the instructor that you’re new to yoga (usually they ask), and if she/he’s a good one, s/he will spot you and help you adjust your pose if it’s off. But I learned just by doing it. Rodney Yee’s yoga DVDs are also good for beginners. Try AM/PM Yoga.

  8. thanks for the tips-I actually did do a couple of vinyasa classes in the last couple of days and it really was not as hard as I thought. There are a couple of poses that I either can’t do or have to do a modified version of-but thats only because my balance and upper body strength suck. I was actually able to pick things up quicker than I thought!

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