i knew i’d be next…

With so many of my Flyer friends having gone on the DL in the last year…I knew I was getting off too easy. I was wondering when the injury bug would bite me. Well bite it did, this week.

Things, running-wise were pretty decent…mileage was good, had a coupla recent fun runs (Midnight Run and this past Monday’s downtown run to beer!) and the weather was like April in January!! Then Tuesday…it happened. Nice evening, threw on my running shoes and shorts and headed to the park. While crossing CPW (with the green light)-there was a biker who was running the red light and waved at me to get out of the way or get hit-so i sprinted to get out of the street and felt a shooting pain and tightness in my left calf. There was no way I could run on it-so thank god I didn’t get far, I just walked home and Advil’ed and iced the calf, and the next day got on the phone to find a sports doc that would take me today. Don’t know if this was an isolated incident, or if there was an injury brewing and this sprint triggered it, I just knew I had to get it looked at sooner rather than later to minimize time on the DL, if any.

And the verdict? A calf strain-as I suspected. It seems that my left calf is still showing signs of my old injury-there’s still quite a bit of tightness there and my Achilles. So-running hiatus for 2 weeks, PT 2x a week for 6 weeks, stretch, possibly new orthotics (only if my insurance covers) and replace my current running shoes which, in his opinion, had too many miles on them (over 300.)

And funny enough-I’m actually not bummed out. I think in a way, if it had to happen-I’m glad it happened now and not during marathon mania season-as I think that’s what made dealing with my previous injury so hard. I can still cross-train, which is fine with me as there are several spin classes that I have grown to really like, and I think I will use this opportunity to do different things (e.g., swim, try out yoga.) Plus I think I have a much better support system now than I did 2 1/2 years ago-and I’m grateful for that.

And on that note, special shout out to the downtown crew-you all know who you are if you’re reading-when I sent a mass email asking for a doc recommendation, quite a few of them wasted no time in giving me recs and encouragement. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Hope to see you all back on the roads soon-but if not, definitely at the bar!! 😀


4 thoughts on “i knew i’d be next…

  1. Ouch!Sounds painful, but I’m glad you are dealing with it so well.Hope to see you soon.

  2. thanks johnny. i need to be good to go for need for speed! :)i think i’d be taking this a lot worse if i were on complete activity moratorium. let’s see if a coupla weeks of XT is the ticket!

  3. Good luck with x-training. I myself really enjoy swimming on off days. great workout but no impact.

  4. Thanks! So far so good…of course the latest weather is helping that aspect :-p

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