vanity has no place in cold-weather running. or does it?

yeah yeah yeah we’ve come across the first real cold snap of the year. (not hard, considering this is the first week of January.) I’m sure yesterday, NYSC and other assorted gyms across the NYC metro area were filled with more than just the “resolution” people.

Me, I debated going for a run outdoors-specifically for that reason, I’m sure I’d have to wait forever for a cardio machine, or that the spinning classes would be full, etc…so I went to Engineers Gate to see if any other Flyers were showing up for the group run. If there were, great, if not-or if the ones there were planning on going too fast for me, at least I had my iPod so I can just continue on as long as I was out there.

Thankfully, a couple of fellow bloggers were there and we did the lower 5 nice and relaxed. It was actually a very nice night to run (despite both thermometers near Columbus Circle reading less than 20 degrees)…

…and I do partially have the apparel to thank for that!! Looks like the layering job I did was just right-and actually looked pretty sharp too 🙂 This Sugoi jacket (in red) and tights (both of which I got on sale-especially the jacket, no way was I paying full price for that!!), and under the jacket was this top in black (I got that majorly on sale too-thanks to being a Flyer) and a black long sports bra, also wore my Mizuno gloves and I decided to pull out my old Midnight Run 2004-2005 black fleece cap 🙂 And that combo was almost perfect-might have been able to use another layer on the bottom, but I dealt with it.

For good cold-weather pieces, I always look for good deals on the high-end gear…it’s so worth it. Shop around, both online and in the stores…some of the NYC are especially kind to the local runners and give discounts!! 🙂


One thought on “vanity has no place in cold-weather running. or does it?

  1. Shoot me a note next time you want to do the lower five. I’ll join.

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