2008-off and running

in my midnight run getup and tiara

is this 4-day weekend over already? can it really be time to go back to work tomorrow? man, time sure flies when you’re having fun…

so I did do the Midnight Run to kick off the new year. Beforehand, went to a pre-party at DM’s apartment along with some other Flyers and FOF’s. Some highlights of the pre-party:

  • everyone getting quizzed about if they knew of a certain 70’s metal band. only one other person said yes.
  • me bringing up yankees.com on the computer. my reasoning… “oh yeah, i saw some spyware-like thingie with a mets logo, i need to fix it” :-p
  • our hostess’ official stuffed bear being given beer and photographed with it
  • lots of good music, from the 80s to the JT-era
  • lots of wine and champagne
  • lots of laughs and fun

(Ok…i guess the first few, you had to be there to appreciate.)

Some others stayed behind to kick off the new year indoors, but a bunch of us (including Crazy Bandana-head) headed to the park to start the new year running. We made it there with barely enough time to get to the start…but its not like we were racing this or anything! :-p None of us were really in costume, though i added a running skirt to my ensemble, and all the girls in our group were wearing “happy new year” tiaras. While we lost Crazybandanahead and one other before the start, the remaining 5 of us stayed together for the whole 4 miles and had a good time…running easy, hi-fiving spectators, blowing on noisemakers, sipping champagne out of water bottles (oh wait…that last one was just me :-p )

this morning, i meant to join the flyers for a morning run, but the rain, and the fact that i didnt get to sleep til after 3 led to that not happening. did join them for brunch at Arte Cafe (though i was limited to only 1 Bellini, as they dont have the unlimited brunch drinks during the week!) but crashed afterwards, so a run today didn’t happen!! (actually-do i count the midnight run as mileage on 12/31 or 1/1? hmmm…)

so, a good start to the year so far, hopefully will lead to a decent year. or at least a better one than 2007, which i wasn’t sorry to say goodbye too. though i will admit, even though 2007 started off extremely rocky, at least it didn’t end that way…

and resolutions? sorry. don’t believe in em :-p

now playing: “pocketful of sunshine” ~ natasha bedingfield


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