an unlikely turn of events

Friday was my last day of work for 2007, and also the last Flyers TGIFF happy hour of 2007. Should have been a great night, but that is not exactly how things panned out.

Well it didn’t start off so bad, actually. But for reasons that I really don’t want to go into here, I had to make an early exit. I got back uptown but really didn’t feel like going home…was too…i dunno. i felt like being by myself, but didn’t want to go back to my place. so i decided i’d find a place where i could just sit at the bar and sip a drink and just calm my nerves. the first 2 places i thought of looked too crowded, but the 3rd had enough room for me to sit at the bar and sip a mojito.

I left after a drink, and as I was walking towards the corner, I made eye contact with a very cute guy and vice versa…he finished up his cell phone conversation and walked over…said i looked familiar and asked what my name was…and wouldn’t you know it, we did meet randomly once before…once over the summer, when i was on the crosstown bus en route to Skylight’s b-day shindig. I let this connection get away back then (since there was someone else in the picture), but let’s just say I didn’t make the same mistake twice…so we will see what happens! I mean…what are the chances of a missed connection being found again? 🙂

so i guess this crazy night had a decent ending 🙂

3 thoughts on “an unlikely turn of events

  1. Very interesting… Good luck.And Happy New Year!

  2. Hmmm…always fun to have something (someone) to day dream about. What a cool coincidence, would make for a great “how did you guys meet?” story.

  3. yeah…well he’s gotta call me first. ball is in his court right now, unfortunately!!

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