where do we go from here?

yeah, probably a line you’ve heard before…like in a song or something else…but in this case i think it’s kinda sorta appropriate.

so it’s the end of 2007 and running-wise…was kinda meh. of course, part of it at the beginning of the year was work-related, preventing me from getting in the miles that I would have liked and as a result got severely out of shape. i did manage to find my way back to halfway decent mileage, but it was quite a struggle, and i only had one race that i was really satisfied with this year (the SF half.)

as the title says, i’m really not sure where to go from here with regards to running goals. i do know these things i would like to happen next year…

  • GET FASTER. this is the most important. i would like to just be able to complete one 6 mile loop of the park on a group run without getting dropped or begging people to slow down.
  • sign up for the NYC marathon and run it-and hopefully better my 2006 time.
  • maybe a 10-mile race in the late spring, as i have never raced this distance before? (i’m eyeing Broad Street, perhaps…)
  • look outside NYRR and Central Park for races (5ks, 10ks, halfs)-and just use NYRR races to get in my 9 marathon qualifiers and use them as training runs if need be. (races like the Mini 10K and Club Champs are the exception, as I can get a decent starting position and they are less crowded.)
  • PR in at least one distance. With the exception of distances I have only raced once, the majority of my PRs are 3 years old.

and once again, i have no clue how to go about any of it :-p


2 thoughts on “where do we go from here?

  1. Are the group runs really that fast? No wonder that is such a big issue. You are not a slow runner!! Ten milers are the best! Best of luck with all your goals!!

  2. Yes, the group runs are that fast. Granted, I have not been on a group run since before my injury last spring, but Flygirl and I were always about 1/4-mile behind everyone else. And she runs a good clip faster than I do.

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