jewish singles=smallest community ever-part 2 of …

ohhh yeah…i knew it’d happen again.

so i’m sure you can guess from the title that I did wind up attending The Ball on XMas Eve. I was there solo in the beginning, but then met up with my coworker and her BF and a couple other of their friends and had a good time. I still can’t believe how many Jewish singles there are in the tri-state area…this event took place in 5 bars, and everywhere was just packed. ( I wound up going to 3 of the 5…The Park was pretty quiet in the beginning but at least it was easy to get a drink, Hiro (the lounge/club at the Maritime Hotel) was abolutely packed but was playing good music…The Cabanas (the rooftop bar at the Maritime) was packed but a little less so…then went back to The Park, where it had really picked up by that time.)

But enough of that. I’m sure you can tell there is a story brewing here, and that is what you really want to hear! 🙂

So as I know I have mentioned in the past, I can’t go to these events without running into someone I know. And actually, later in the evening, I run into one of my ex-collegues from my last job…actually, I think last time I saw him was one of these events a coupla years back. But that’s not the real interesting story… 🙂

Early in the evening, I catch the eye of a tall, good-looking guy. I walk over and we start talking. He tells me his name, and where he’s from and I’m thinking “hmmm…I did know someone by that same name from that same place.” When he mentioned where he went to school-same school as me-I put 2 and 2 together and knew that I knew him. When I asked if he was in a fraternity and he said what i thought he was gonna say…I let on that we did already know each other.

Basically-I was chatting with the Ex-Boyfriend’s fraternity “big” brother!! OMG…talk about random encounters!!

But we actually had a nice conversation, catching up and stuff…he seemed to understand why I hadn’t talked to the Ex in 7 years…that I did what I had to do to move on with my life. I then had to leave to go to one of the other bars, but got digits…and told him to tell the Ex that i said hi.

Please tell me that last action will result in some good karma for me.


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