(partially) off the fence

In my last post, I mentioned 2 holiday things I was sorta on the fence about participating in. I’ve gone ahead and signed up for one (the Midnight Run)-due to the fact that it ties into other plans that nite…

As for the other-still wavering. What I will wind up deciding, will be revealed in a coupla days or so :-p

In other news, I think it should be known that the Flyers‘ infamous Dr. Evil makes the strongest cosmopolitans that I have ever tasted. This ain’t no chick drink anymore.


2 thoughts on “(partially) off the fence

  1. You should know that the recipe for a proper Cosmopolitan can be seen here and calls for a much stronger drink then I created the other night for Flyer Girl.Perhaps, Lara, you just haven’t been drinking enough alcohol lately and have lost your ability to drink a lot. You must be spending your time running, going to bed early, and being very healthy.That will be good for your race times.

  2. shhh…i don’t want that to get out…i have an image to maintain :-p

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