and what were you doing on december 15th?

Well according to this, you most likely were attending some type of holiday party whose invitation found its way to you via Evite. And I was one of those, in fact, that would have been the last one in my 3-party weekend…

Thursday nite-work party. (The day of was such a wasted day with regards to being productive-between a long meeting, holiday lunch, and secret santa gift exchange.) Newer, bigger venue this year, consensus was that this was an upgrade from the past coupla years. The mojito was the choice drink of the evening, coupled with a coupla rounds of kamikaze shots (which I felt the next morning…first I was thinking “no more mojitos” then I remembered “oh yeah…i did shots too, didn’t i.”) which left me just beautifully buzzed and quite happy on the dance floor-but believe me, I was one of the tamer people there!! (though bosslady just had to ask during the evening how many drinks I had…whatever…) yep, it would not be a holiday party without our financial guy dancing to “Baby Got Back”-and ripping his shirt off near the end of the evening. (sorry-no pictures for public consumption!) Thank god I had off the next day, I had a killer headache and was thinking “oh man…I have to do this again tonite????”

Friday was HM’s annual tree-trimming party, each year with a specific theme-this year was Mexican-complete with margaritas, mariachis, and pinatas. (And let it be known, I am dangerous when trying to break a pinata…) And once again, Santa made an appearance and was way too happy to have the women sit on his lap :-p Had fun, but left relatively early (little after midnight)-as I wanted to make sure I got up in time to get a long run in before the Flyers‘ “meet the candidates” brunch. (Did a full 6, then did the 4-mile loop in the opposite direction of the Holiday 4-miler to cheer the runners on, then did another 1 to get over to the east side.)

Saturday was SS and DM’s tree-trimming party-and combination potluck too, my contribution was a dozen cupcakes from Buttercup Bake Shop πŸ™‚ (what…you dont think I really used my oven for anything other than storage??) We all wined, dined, and made the tree pretty πŸ™‚

Needless to say, I was pretty much useless on Sunday, with the exception of spin class, watching the Survivor finale, and finishing up a work document I had been procrastinating on for awhile.

The festivities have died down a bit-had a holiday lunch and gift exchange with my group at work this week, and then have my last holiday party of the season tomorrow nite. (Unless you count the 2 things I am sorta on the fence about…The Ball on XMas Eve and the Midnight Run on New Year’s…)

Pictorial evidence from the Friday night party is below (since I have no pictures of Saturday and I know better than to post any pictures from Thursday’s party publicly πŸ™‚ )

margarita in one hand, flower in another, and posing with the band why santa, don't you look familiar...didn't i see you last year?  and the year before?the tree, decorated in all its mexican glory-complete with mini-pinatas!!


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