why do these things happen to me?

so yesterday evening, i indulged in a speed workout (6 reps of this steep-ass hill. boy, my a$$ was definitely feeling those uphills…)

and after said speed workout, me and a few others decided to meet for dinner afterwards-so i detoured home to clean up and dry off (was a little rainy before.) so i was about to leave my apartment…when I couldn’t find my keys. Uh-oh…I had a sinking feeling I knew what I did, because yes, I had done that once before.

I friggin left my keys in my apartment front door. Which pretty much locked myself in my apartment.

Guess that workout left me more than a little scatterbrained?

Last time it happened-my across the hall neighbor was able to unlock me, but I was not sure if he was home this time. Thankfully, I called one of the cool peeps I was meeting and he was able to come over and bail me out of trouble 🙂

Dinner was good, and then…afterwards someone noticed someone’s metrocard/money on the floor…yep you guessed it, it was mine, fell out of my pocket.

I swear, i would have lost my brain yesterday if it was not attached.

Thank god both me and my keys made it inside my apartment without incident after that. 🙂


6 thoughts on “why do these things happen to me?

  1. I will not even ask how one gets locked INTO their apt…..but OK….glad nobody stole your keys.Happy Holidays, it is always fun to see you a couple of times in one month!! So now we are back to less crowded races, anything on the schedule?? I am thinking to get w/the program of winter Halfs this year…you?HC

  2. yeah, i can’t quite figure that out either. im not exactly thrilled that the lock is designed like that and i do intend to bring that up…i have no desire to do any of the NYRR halfs this winter…if i do, it’d be just a training run, but i have a feeling even that would be a game-day decision…

  3. Your lock cannot possibly be up to code — starting with the fire code. I shudder to think what could happen if you were locked in and there was a fire. Plus, to not be able to get OUT without a key is just bizarre.

  4. That’s what I told her!

  5. I agree with you both-and the landlord will be getting an email from me after the holidays about this…

  6. Um Whoa… Very strange locking system. What’s the logic of behind being able to lock yourself in.

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