santa baby

santa and i at the flyers holiday party

And it wouldn’t be a Flyers holiday party without at least one-or all-of the following…

  • talk about the upcoming exec board election
  • campaigning, kissing babies, or giving out candies and other assorted sweet stuff by said nominees
  • massive alcohol consumption
  • a visit from Santa, inviting all the Flyer women to sit on his lap. (Bonus points if said Santa is Jewish!)

Yeah, what can I say. I took the bait and sat on his lap :-p

And apparently what I told Santa I wanted for the holidays…well, apparently it was the most popular request of the night!!


2 thoughts on “santa baby

  1. i’m shocked no one has commented on this photo. you look UNBELIEVABLE!!

  2. thanks :)and i think that is officially my new favorite dress. I actually got away with wearing it to my work holiday party as well-paired it with black tights and knee-high boots so it didn’t look too revealing :)not too bad for an impulse purchase at H&M! 🙂

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