it has begun…

and it couldn’t even wait til December. yep, the holiday season. the holiday parties have already started, and there’s quite a few more on the horizon…

(though i’m not surprised about the early start, considering XMas decorations have been up in stores since after Halloween!! And Hanukkah is early this year…)

This past Friday, I crashed the TRD holiday party (well not really crashed, as I was invited 😛 ) Was fun and quite a late night (cant remember the last time I stayed out past 3 am!) and rendered me useless on Saturday-with the exception of a 10-mile long run where I everso gracefully tripped and fell on the bridle path-and no that was not due to alcohol, I wasn’t even hung over!! :-p (my butt still hurts even now from the fall though…and I know I am opening myself up to a lot of comments on that one from my smartazz commentors :-p )

This week brings the Flyers holiday party, and Hanukkah with the family over the weekend. Then next week has the extended weekend of the holiday party, with my work party next Thursday, and 2 others on Friday and Saturday!! And I just got an invite for another party the weekend after…

But I’m not complaining at all, I’m glad that I can actually enjoy it all this year!! (Well with the exception of not partaking in eating a lot of holiday treats…booo…)

And running…well, just finished my 4th week in a row of 30+ miles (too bad that the majority of those miles were done at a snail-like pace…) So it is kinda sorta getting there. Still not expecting much on Sunday though. But running in the cold has not been that bad so far, I think some of my new winter apparel has helped…guess it’s all in the attire…


6 thoughts on “it has begun…

  1. …and I know I am opening myself up to a lot of comments on that one from my smartazz commentors :-pStill no comments. See, you can’t call it out like that if you want us to comment.(oops, I just commented)

  2. Hey, I’ll see you out there Sunday, though I sure hope it warms up a little bit. The cold air was just brutal this AM running into the wind up harlem hill!I finally have the old blog moved over to a new location, though I too am probably more of a once a week blogger these days. Blame it on the holidays!

  3. Hey, look for me out there cheering! I should be along 84th street on the west and east sides of the reservoir.

  4. …Should I wait for the Official Holiday Party post to tell you that was the cutest.dress.ever?? With the tonal knit and the puffy sleeves? I loved it, I did not really notice it when we were at the bar, I noticed later when I was sitting down shoveling in food. have you been shopping at Missoni? :-))))And yeah, I checked that date, 110% sure that your post inspired that drawing. A lot of times I surf around to see what’s being talked about ,and sort of free-associate to get my ideas. Thanks for the help 🙂

  5. chelle-good luck sunday and thanks for the heads up on the new blog location. looks snazzy :)uptown girl-thanks, i’ll keep an eye out for the pompoms :)heidi-thanks…i got so many compliments on that dress last nite (which was an impulse buy at H&M, can you believe it?) i’m waiting for pictures before the official party post :-p it was fun, wasn’t it? so glad the flyers had another party there.

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