an open letter to brightroom

Dearest Brightroom,

I have no doubt noticed, that it is that time of the year again. What time, you may ask? Why, the holidays, which bring the constant email reminders to my inbox that a Brightroom picture makes the perfect holiday gift for family, friends, enemies, etc…

But seriously, you don’t think some of those reminders are overkill?

First off, my email server does not love the fact that I have to get the reminder emails for each event not once, but twice.

Second, in a good majority of the races you have emailed me about, you did not even get any pictures of me, since you seem to focus more on getting pictures of people at the front of the pack. Let’s all think about this logically for a second-why would I purchase pictures from an event that you got none of me?

Third, those piccys are just way.too.expensive. I think I can find more creative things to do with my $$$.

So please, cease the constant emails. Both myself and my inbox would be everso appreciative.

Love, kisses and fluffy bunnies,

(nope, I didn’t really send this note that drips of sarcasm. but boy would I want to…)

6 thoughts on “an open letter to brightroom

  1. I’ve been getting more than 2 copies of each announcement and I, also, didn’t have photos in many of the races.And maybe it’s me, but why would I want to send out holiday cards with photos of me running? Cute cuddly photos of my dog, perhaps, but not sweaty, end of a long or hard run me.

  2. You should try back-of-the-pack running. They ALWAYS get pictures of me! 🙂 And I agree with you about the unreasonable number of emails.

  3. No shee-ite. Even if they did manage to photograph me, they’re usually horrendous.

  4. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I second that!

  5. They must be reading this blog…they just sent me another one (two), probably just to piss me off :-p(and the race in question-last year’s marathon!)

  6. Agreed. I just delete them. I’ve already saved the good ones. But great letter!

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