can a girl have too many running skirts?

snowflake gymgirl skirt from skirtsports

oh, damn you SkirtSports. is it not enough that I have spent way too much money over the last couple of weeks on both running and non-running stuff, and gave into the temptation of your end-of-October sale…but your new limited edition holiday GymGirl skirt is calling my name…telling me it will look soooo cute with my long-sleeve black Flyers shirt….

determination skirt by atalanta

and on top of all that, I am sorta intrigued by the new determination skirt by atalanta….this skirt/capris combo doesn’t look half-bad…at least I like this one better than SkirtSports’ attempt at a cold-weather skirt (does help that the colors are a little more flattering)
I need skirt intervention. Or something.

4 thoughts on “can a girl have too many running skirts?

  1. I love the skirts, but I just don’t get the skirt-over-leggings-or-capris combo. It’s the same confusion I experience when I see people running in shorts with a pair of tights underneath. I wanna scream, “Pick one or the other!” Except when it’s a guy wearing tights with a really short shirt, and then I wanna scream, “Put the shorts back on over those tights so we’re spared from the sight of your family jewels!”

  2. Well, I can sorta understand those wearing shorts over tights in the winter-if they need things like the pockets in RaceReady shorts to hold gels and money and whatever.As for the family jewels…oh, there is a picture you are so tempting me to search for on google :-p

  3. That’s what jacket pockets are for, especially those fun little pockets they put on the back of running tops and jackets. I think the shorts-over-tights people just don’t want everyone looking at their ass ;-P

  4. yeah, but not everyone wears a running jacket, or has a top with a pocket in the each his/her own, I say!!

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