insert witty post title here

yeah i know, i’ve become a once-a-week blogger. (and i obviously cant seem to think of any cute post titles either.) i guess part of the reason is that on a day-to-day basis, i don’t have as much blogging material as i used to…or material that i want to mention publicly.

so yeah…since the marathon weekend, things have been sorta status quo. i’m glad to mention that my “do not slack off on running during the colder months” has gone well so far. the last 2 weeks have consisted of at least 30 miles each (a long run, a speed workout, and 3 shorter runs) and a spin class. I do have to admit that vanity is the main motivator at this time…I have a dress for the Flyers awards gala that I need to fit into-yeah Flyer readers, I know it’s early but hey-when you see a great dress on sale in June that you know would be perfect the following February, you snatch it up!! Plus I am a bit nervous about the upcoming holiday season…being surrounded by goodies like cookies and chocolate and whatever else is at holiday parties…

And on that topic, thankfully it looks like I am going to be able to celebrate the holiday season this year, as work is not the living hell it was last year (what a difference getting a monster project out of my hair makes…) Hell I am taking tomorrow off from work-can’t remember the last time I was able to take the Wednesday before Turkey Day off!! Will be heading home to NJ for the weekend-good news is my mom is cooking and she is the better cook 🙂 bad news is my mom is cooking so more good stuff to eat (must…run….thursday morning…)

Racing? Probably only the Kleinerman 10K next month-only because it’s a points race, and really not expecting much due to it most likely being crowded…honestly, I’d love to stay away from all December NYRR races, since they are packed with people trying to get in the last of their 9 marathon qualifiers (thank god I had mine in by June!!)

And on the more mysterious side-there is something going on that I really can’t mention in detail-but I really wish I could because moral support would be appreciated 🙂 It’s something risky…I would have a lot to gain, but it could backfire…but the thought at this point is “what do I have to lose.” Intrigued? I’m sure. (I bet I know what the obvious assumption is…and it’s not that!!)

Happy Turkey Day to everyone!!


4 thoughts on “insert witty post title here

  1. Intrigued? YES!Don’t make us wait too long!How about a hint?

  2. Umm…yes, Why are you keeping us in such suspense?That is just mean…oh and you should call your blog title: Tis the seasonumm…ooo…aaahh…what excitement we will have for the Awards dinner…gosh, I gotta think of my attire…oh I have mine! Ready or not!

  3. sorry guys. i’ll tell you both off the blog sometime soon 😉

  4. You better tell me too!!!Also, remember you posted this (not the mysterious part, just the main post part)when you see the December cartoon. this is the second time I’ve gotten my idea from your blog, so i guess I will have to give you half of what they pay me….;-)HEIDIPS, I always post anonymously b/c I cna never remember my passwords

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