a belated marathon weekend re-crap

me and runner26 at the flyers pasta party

Yeah-I meant to get this up a lot earlier-it’s just been quite the hectic week. So here goes!!

Thursday-made a guest appearance at the Flyers pasta party-we made another return to Sambuca, as it was great last year. But I really could not justify pigging out when I would not be running 26.2 miles…oh well, at least it was good to see and chat with everyone!! (pic is of me and runner26)

Friday-had the day off from work, so hit up the expo. Since I didn’t have to cancel my entry, I wanted to get my goodie bag-which i was quite underwhelmed with, except for the shirt (though orange is not exactly my color!) And the expo was quite underwhelming too, compared to previous years. But I did manage to do some damage to my credit card-a new pair of sunglasses to replace the ones that broke, a travel-size Stick, a cold-weather Mizuno top, and a pair of capri tights and a jacket from Sugoi (all Sugoi stuff was on sale!) Yeah, may have gone overboard, but have my reasons. Oh, and saw blogger Brooklyn again working at the check-in line!

Saturday-I already gave my Trials recap in the previous post…

me cheering for crazy bandana-head as he ran by

Sunday-once again, was working at the mile 18 PowerGel station. My plan was to get there for the 10 am shift so I could see the elites, but stay long enough to cheer on the crowds too. The weather was a little chilly, but I was still wearing running-type clothes-a skirt and long-sleeve Flyers top-and my bib. Just in case anyone needed me to run with them, I would be prepared. Unlike previous years where I had no clue how the race was going, this year I had my Treo with me and was following along. So I wasn’t surprised to see Radcliffe and Wami way in front as they passed by mile 18. Soon enough, the elite men and the masses passed by. Lance Armstrong was quite UTR this year-I didn’t even see him!! Crazy Bandana-head passed by, camera in hand (and got this picture of me cheering) on his way to another BQ. Also saw Jon and Danny, but missed Johnny (as he was not wearing Flyers gear.) But also missed Katie Holmes-oh well, I saw enough in the post-race coverage :-p Once again, it was a blast handing out gels and really having a front-row seat for this thing. And congrats to all the runners!

obviously jon and i had quite a bit to drink by this point.

Later that night was the post-marathon party…where quite a few of us had quite a bit to drink…as the pictures show 🙂

From the stories I heard about the transportation hassles, the wave starts, the baggage nightmares, and the chip times not getting recorded for quite a bit of the orange start…I am glad I decided to sit this year out. And I think I am ready to gear up for next year. The key is going to be not slacking off this winter like I did last year (and hopefully dropping those stubborn 15-20 extra pounds!) Luckily, work isnt as hellish as it was last year, and the new cold-weather clothes will help…hopefully my teammates can help keep me motivated too!!

2 thoughts on “a belated marathon weekend re-crap

  1. ooh–cute pic of us!I hear ya on feeling good about sitting this one out. I am also hoping to be out there next year–and a lot will depend on the state of my knee…

  2. Cute picture of you cheering. I was so impressed with you and your high tech updates out there. Heidi

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