I think I can use that word to describe all of NYRR’s races these days.

Ran the Marathon Kickoff 5-miler yesterday. Honestly-was quite uneventful and underwhelming. 42:16, 8:27 pace, splits 8:23/8:13/8:41/8:24/8:35 Just wasn’t feeling it after mile 1, and pretty much ran the whole thing as a tempo effort.

I wish I could get excited about races again, but it’s been hard these days…


6 thoughts on “underwhelming

  1. Alright, you have been down for a while now. What’s it going to take to get your spirit back?How about volunteering for the Achilles Track Club?You need something to shake things up, why not give it a try!

  2. ya know, I thought I had my spirit back after San Francisco. hmmm…makes me wonder…

  3. So you left your heart in San Francisco? LOL

  4. I agree with Johnnygo that focusing on helping others can help put things in perspective and lift you up a bit.

  5. ditto on the post, ditto on the comments. 🙂

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