halloween costuming-need advice!!

OK, gonna do the Halloween thing next Wednesday…and trying to think of a costume-definitely NOT repeating my costume from 2 years ago…

Anyways, talking to my colleague, and was thinking of wearing one of my running skirts and she was like-“just pin on a number and you can be a runner-easy and cheap idea for a costume.”

And you know what? She’s right.

So…I am coming to you, my readers, to help me complete my outfit. I was thinking running skirt (most likely one of the ones from runningskirts.com)…maybe with thigh-high socks? What kind of top? Anything else that comes to mind? (And before any of you men say it-no jogbra.*)

*EDIT-what I meant there was don’t tell me to wear just a jogbra. And inspired by the smartass comments I have received so far…don’t tell me to go topless either :-p


8 thoughts on “halloween costuming-need advice!!

  1. smartass.And I expected someone else to have the first comment on this topic :-p

  2. The key to a good female Halloween costume — “slutty.” As in “Slutty Pirate,” “Slutty Nurse,” “Slutty Police Officer,” “Slutty Paris Hilton,” “Slutty Jim Cramer,” “Slutty Princess,” “Slutty Alan Dershowitz,” “Slutty Teacher,” or even “Slutty Runner.” With that I mind, I agree . . . no jogbra.

  3. oh jeez…I had to edit my post now.What, a running skirt isn’t slutty enough? :-p

  4. I went to a costume party as a runner once. And I gotta say… it ended up being a very easy costume to put together, but also pretty lame. I guess costumes are like anything else, you get out of them what you put into them. Like if you are busy with work (and I’m sure you have been) a no-effort costume is a good idea, and it’s something that I myself have done — but it never won me lots of compliments at the party.In any case Flygirl I have just one word for you: PIGTAILS. I think you would look great (and v. sexy) in pigtails.

  5. I definitely know what you mean-but I do think there is room to be creative with the costume (e.g., running skirt, thigh-high socks) so why not.And I knew you’d bite at this one 😉

  6. I have to agree with Derek here (gasp!) — going as a runner sounds so boring to me! Now, I’m not one to go all out on my costumes either but it seems hardly the point of the holiday to go “dressed up” as something you do all the time anyway. Where’s the fun in that?

  7. So what did you end up wearing as your costume?

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