riddle me this…

so, in the mail today I got a registration card for the NYC Marathon. (ya know…that little race I signed up for, like, months ago, and decided not to run when life got in the way of training.)

And as you remember, my deferred 2005 number and my 2006 number that actually got put to use had me in the F3xxx corral.

And I was the 2,086th female at last year’s race. And I had an actual marathon time to put down (instead of a half time), predicted time wasn’t less agressive than before (I had put 3:50)

So how did I wind up assigned a corral back-in the F4000s?

And more importantly…

Why do I even care so much? I’M NOT RUNNING THE DAMN THING!!


10 thoughts on “riddle me this…

  1. My guess?? Lance ran 3:00ish last year and threatens faster this. A whole bunch of 2:40-3:00 pepole said, “I could run NYC or X marathon. But at NYC I might beat Lance.”

  2. yeah, but how many of those do you think were women (the F numbers/corrals are women-only)And why are you giving me another reason to hope Lance bonks? :-p

  3. Different race…different field of runners.

  4. Maybe it’s Katie Holmes then?

  5. Cool. We can not run it together. I’m out, as well. :<

  6. runner26-yeah either that or im getting slowerjon-why are you giving me a reason to hope Katie bonks? :-p (not to mention TomKat causing as much of a media spectacle as the LanceCam…)peter-i’m sorry to hear that-but now you can join me in drinking up 🙂 I’ll be the one with the glass of wine in my hand with 2 days to go (oh wait, that was me last year too!)

  7. Speaking of drinking it up, did you notice the Coors Light is an official sponsor? The maraton site even gives a list of bars for marathon morning!

  8. That makes two of us. Looking at numbers we’re not going to use, that is. I hate having to sign up so far in advance, don’t you? No way of predicting if I’ll be injured, sick, or working until just a couple months before the race – and by then… well, you know.Did you do Staten Island?

  9. jon-i think they’ve been a sponsor for awhile, i think i remember a coors light booth at the expo and partaking a coupla years ago, and i think i shall do the same this year. :)brooklyn-i hear ya. and that was one reason why i am glad i never signed up for chicago, and i think those mega-get-sold-out-asap-thons need to open registration later. no staten island for me-in short distance mode for now.

  10. Katie Holmes -er, I mean KATE Holmes — is doing the marathon? WTF? I’d never have imagined her as a runner. Not to mention, I can’t believe the Scientologists are letting her out of the compound.

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