running angry

anger-or other strong emotions-great motivator.

first off, my infamous bitchfest about the Queens half found its way into the fabulous Flyer newsletter. Yeah, either our newsletter editor either really liked my writeup or he was desperate for articles (I am assuming the latter :-p) anyway, he put it in there-slightly edited to remove strong language-remember, this is a family-friendly newsletter. 🙂

Then today at work. After 4 PM, I noticed a mistake on a hardcopy report that already went out. I had received the wrong file from our data processing department-in this final stage, they really should have made sure I received the correct file, but I missed it. I was able to get correct electronic copies out, but the damage was done, and this was the wrong project to f*ck up on. Needless to say, I was very…upset? scared? some other emotion?

I guess I used that emotion to my advantage tonite at speedwork. the workout was 6 times a half-mile around the great lawn oval at 5k pace, with a nice rest inbetween (yay!) Honestly, at this point, with halfs having been my focus the last coupla months, I didn’t even remember what 5k pace felt like!! But I needed to get a feel for it for an upcoming 5k…was hoping to do somewhere in the 7:30’s pace for the race, or better (my PR, set 3 years ago, was 7:17 pace-but that was when I was in much, much better shape.) Was pleasantly surprised that my splits tonite were 3:41/3:41/3:41/3:44/3:45. No “rabbit the first repeat and run 10 seconds slower for the remaining repeats”-guess the recovery helped! And if I can really run between 7:22-7:30 pace for 5k, i’d be happy…

Now i really hope this workout did its real job and will help me sleep tonite…

now playing: “do it” ~ nelly furtado


One thought on “running angry

  1. Way to channel that energy!If I ran intervals after every time I screwed up at work… hmmm, you may be on to something there!

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