birthdays, SATC-style

ok, i’ve always enjoyed visiting certain restaurants/bars that are featured in Sex and the City, and my 31st b-day was no exception…

Wednesday brought lunch w/ the co-workers at Tortilla Flats (the place of the “double date” in this episode between Carrie/Aidan and Miranda/Steve when Carrie wanted to get back with Aidan and Miranda/Steve were just wing-people…) Fun place, the guac/chips and fajitas were very good, as were the 2 pitchers of strawberry margaritas that our table shared. To top it all off, the waitress gave us complimentary tequila shots…and I had to do 2 (someone at our table didn’t want hers.) Needless to say, I was not productive the rest of the afternoon 🙂 I did have a very nice b-day dinner and was definitely a treat that the Yanks clinched a playoff berth that nite!! Yayyyy Yanks!!

Then a special treat at our group meeting the next morning was cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery!! Best.friggin.cupcakes.EVER. (and featured in this SATC episode when Carrie was telling Miranda about her crush on Aidan.)

Friday was the real celebration, and even though I don’t think Absolutely 4th was featui'm not crooked, the pic was just taken that way. im enjoying a martini, one of many that night!!red on SATC, many martinis were consumed. I’m proud of myself that while co-workers were pre-gaming while waiting for my shindig to begin, I refrained from drinking anything but water and made sure to eat…I guess with age comes wisdom. Somewhat. Plus I actually wanted to remember my celebration this year 🙂 Anyway, we took over a nice corner of the bar…and the funny part is that the runners scared the co-workers away 🙂 Oh well, their loss!! I had probably around 50 peeps (including quite a few bloggers) from the first drink at 7 til my last sip after midnight. Definitely a great time…now how do I top it next year? :-p

And I got my big b-day present this weekend!! A Palm Treo. Now I can be totally accessible :-p All joking aside, I needed to replace the phone and the PDA, might as well combine the 2!!

And on the topic of baseball…oh. mah. gawd. I was hysterical laughing during the 1st inning of the Mutts game today. Can’t wait to see the front pages tomorrow!! I think my office will have a lot of quiet Mets fans tomorrow…yes, the same people that were quite vocal earlier in the season…

now playing: “champion” ~ kanye west


One thought on “birthdays, SATC-style

  1. Excellent party! I had fun … you looked great in that dress.

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