and speaking of the hills

no, not the hills in Queens, these Hills!!

I mentioned my addiction back here during the second season, now the third season is even better…

the tension between LC and Heidi!! will they ever be friends again?

who really spead the sex tape rumor?

who’s the most evil guy on the show-Spencer, Jason or “Justin Bobby”?

Audrina and “Justin Bobby”-on again, off again?

how many more friendships will Heidi wreck?

and the infamous Heidi/Spencer wedding-will it ever happen?

(plus gotta love Gawker’s catty commentary on the show.)

And to top it all off, for my b-day, my brother got me the 2nd season on DVD. I watched half the episodes the day I got it!! Such a guilty viewing pleasure.

2 thoughts on “and speaking of the hills

  1. LOVE me some Hills!and DEFINITELY Spencer. WTF? He hasnt told his parents? I heard a rumor that they break up…and it sure looks like its leaning that way…and I hope LC doesnt take her back as a friend either!Heidi is MEAN MEAN MEAN!!

  2. Gawker found their Tiffany’s registry…looks like a june 1st date has been set??

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