moving on…

ok, you can all help me with a profile picture change.

i’m debating between 2…my current one…or this one from club champs…

(I wish I could nab bigger ones of my SF half photos so I could use one of those-damn marathonfoto!)


5 thoughts on “moving on…

  1. I like the one you currently have up. Now, can you help ME figure out how to get a photo on my blog profile? I’ve tried uploading one from the web, I’ve tried posting one to my blog and then copying that URL — all to no avail.

  2. Who took that photo? haha…yeah, I like the form work on the new on…because I took it…I think that was me taking the photo…anyways, lookin good!

  3. I say keep the one you have posted. Looks good.

  4. I agree with the Mofo, I like the one you have.

  5. thanks for the comments, but a friend helped me out with enlarging one of the SF pics…i like that one!! 🙂

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