it’s not the heat…

Or maybe it was. Someone said to me this past weekend that it seems like ever since I got back from my San Francisco trip, that I’ve been much less tolerant of the heat than normal. Maybe he was right. In any case, I sure felt it on Saturday.

Only did 15 miles worth of the Palisades Run compared to last year’s 20, but man, it felt tougher. As opposed to last year-where not only did I not have to walk, but I was able to pick up the pace for the last 5 miles…I found myself having to walk a couple of times. (Only consolation was that I was not lapped by any 20-milers til the end…hi, Crazy bandana-head.) It was definitely warmer and more humid than last year, and I was not the only one who noted a difference…another (faster) runner admitted that he had a tougher time this year than in previous years and thought the weather had something to do with it. Good to know it wasn’t only me…

But, still would have rather done a nice 15-miler in the heat rather than trying to race a 4-miler in Central Park in the heat that morning (yeah-I skipped out on a club points race for this…) just may mean that I may have to adjust my goals for Queens if it is another scorcher. Is it fall yet?

But one good thing compared to last year-I wasn’t nearly as sore as last year (probably partially due to the walking, also partially due to not doing 20 and skipping out on the “grand puba” hill) and was able to partake in some of the games at yesterday’s Flyers “field day.” There were some pretty amusing games-especially one involving a baseball bat that my teammate describes so well here.

But I guess sack races, three-legged races and others take more out of the legs than one would think, because they are begging for a night off from running. I’ll give them their way and hit a spinning class instead tonite…

And on a non-running note-anyone else watch the trainwreck that was Britney’s VMA performance?


3 thoughts on “it’s not the heat…

  1. That was a rough one, it’s good to know I wasn’t alone in thinking that. How’d they manage to make it uphill both ways? Thanks to all the Flyers and the volunteers for a great, if exhausting, run. Definitely beat the Fitness Magazine 4-miler, although I did miss the mini-massage :)And Britney’s performance…words fail me.

  2. Despite my envy of anyone who can run right now at all, I definitely was feeling lucky this weekend that I was NOT out there with y’all. This weather sucks for running — I don’t know how anyone’s supposed to perform well when the air is like pea soup. It’s my least favorite kind of weather. Ugh. Nasty. Kinda like Britney (and I didn’t even watch!).

  3. Oh c’mon, bsg – there do exist people who *love* that kind of weather (this one, for one)!:p

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