who says central park isn’t a small world?

yeah, yesterday was intended to be a 4-mile recovery run on the bridle paths of Central Park-needing to recover from a tough workout Wednesday night.

so i started running counterclockwise on the bridle path, and i was just about to turn off onto the path heading north…well Uptown Girl tells the story here. 🙂 Saw her, and Chelle one right behind the other…it was funny, like an impromptu bloggers meetup!! So we all ran together for a few miles and chatted about running, work, men, dating, blogging, all of you :-p Even though the other 2 gals continued on after I cut off (Uptown Girl was in the midst of a 20 miler!) I still wound up with 6 miles for the evening…more than I intended, but the socializing was worth it!! 🙂 (And it made the 4 Blue Moons I knocked back later that evening even more deserving…)

Tomorrow…15 miles with the Flyers in the Palisades…yep, same run I did last year-though since I am doing the shorter route, I get to escape the “grand puba of all hills” that I had to deal with halfway through last year 🙂 This will be as far as I go, distance-wise before the Queens Half in a couple of weeks…


3 thoughts on “who says central park isn’t a small world?

  1. Six miles in the park. That’s nice, and with friends too. It’s always fun to unexpectedly run across running friends while out running. (Sort of like when Frank Burns told Hawkeye that it was nice to be nice to the nice.)

  2. From the Midwest but have run in Central Park, and it amazes me that runners just come across others they know.Just starting to follow your blog. Keep up the good training and good luck!

  3. Queens half? I didn’t even know it was coming up. Well, I guess I’ll be at the finish line cheering for you.Any thoughts on doing the Staten Island half? I know its not your favorite half….

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