and now, for the running fashion portion…

it’s crazy, with fall fashions out in the stores now and I buy more running clothes than street clothes. I guess that shows where my priorities are πŸ™‚

But I tried out an awesome new find yesterday…I was quite annoyed during a long run last weekend when my trusty RaceReady shorts (the ones I wore in the marathon, no less!) kept riding up and chafing the hell outta me.

While doing some shopping, I noted another style of RaceReady shorts that I hadn’t really seen/considered before…I tried them out and wouldn’t you know it, no chafing, no riding up!! (And they actually don’t look half bad on me either…I usually try to shy away from tight shorts like those.)

And I’m about to test out a new running skirt…stay tuned, I will be writing my own running skirt roundup shortly πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “and now, for the running fashion portion…

  1. Don’t forget how much we all love photos of running skirts in reviews. At least the male ones amongst us, I guess…

  2. πŸ˜€ what, the pics I already posted aren’t enough?? :-p(guess it cant hurt to repost them…)

  3. warning to those of us whose thighs actually touch … the skirt has panties underneath instead of compression shorts. I have 2 of their skirts that I find very uncomfortable. They don’t make enough bodyglide to make them work for a long run!

  4. not necessarily-I wore mine for a 13-miler this past weekend and I didn’t have any chafing at all-BodyGlide worked like a charm (and believe me, I have quite the chunky pair of legs.)I know runningskirts does have a version with shorts underneath…

  5. I’m with NSA — can’t wear those skirts unless there’s more than a leetle ol’ panty underneath. (The Nike skirt is just about perfect.) Body Glide alone just doesn’t do it for these thighs.

  6. running tights… why not!

  7. have you tried the running skirt from atalanta?…i just got one this weekend at the lake tahoe marathon expo and went for a long run in it this morning and was awesome!!!!! it felt so amazing on my skin not one irritation or ounce of discomfort (at least not because of what i was wearing:-) ).also, you said you are buying a more running clothes rather than “regular” clothes? have you seen the clothes from they were also at the expo this past week and i went a little overboard because everything was super cute with a “smart” sense of humor…i bought several tees and will wear them with my jeans and perhaps on my light days or when i am doing some x-training. my personal fave–“she runs. he follows.” no, no i take that back the “meet me at the finish line” cami and “finish line” thong set are a very close second and of course, the boy friend loves it and was very supportive of that particular purchase.

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