state of the blog address

well, seeing as I had been called out-and the fact that some of my other fellow bloggers have recently pulled the plugs on their blogs…felt the need to comment.

yeah, i guess my blog has been sorta blah now compared to the good old days. honestly, things are much different than 2 years ago…

work-well you know whats going on, dont need to go there. running-also not going as well as i’d like. Plus I think now that I’ve done my first marathon, that novelty is gone…and I don’t look to be chasing a BQ until 2011…and it seems like blogging about half-marathon training or shorter distance training isn’t quite as interesting. dating-I just want to keep that off the blog for now. And I guess in a way, I’ve felt like I’ve had to censor myself much more than I used to…

In a nutshell, life has been hectic lately, and I haven’t really been able to update this thing as much as I used to (hell, I still havent written my SF vacay recrap!)

But I’m still around. Maybe not as much as I used to be, maybe not as exciting as I used to be, but I ain’t going anywhere for now (whether you all like that or not… 🙂 )

8 thoughts on “state of the blog address

  1. Who cares what other bloggers think? Seriously. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Derek raises an interesting point…

  3. It seems like what Derek was describing was blogging to try to reach a huge audience. That’s not always the point.Keep in mind that after making his point, Derek’s ultimate conclusion was that he will continue to blog, if only for friends and family.To me, the whole point is to have a place where you can put your thoughts, without anyone feeling obligated to listen. Folks that aren’t interested won’t bother. I’m interested though, so keep posting!

  4. I wasn’t trying to like, call you out in a mean way. I mean, I’m still reading. And hopefully one of the reasons you are censoring yourself a little is ’cause there’s some good news!

  5. I agree with all the above comments. Blog b/c you want to! And know that many of us (ie. me) love to read it 🙂

  6. Yes, please keep blogging (when you feel like it, of course). Part of the problem is we’re in that race lull betwen the end of the summer and the fall marathons, it’s not just you. Not much to write about other than ‘how far I ran today’, which would make anyone a little tired from time to time. No matter, keep on writing when you’re ready, especially about the NYC running experience; I love to commiserate…

  7. the censorship is more due to some of the BS that happened earlier this year…and as i am not doing a fall marathon (and only have a half and possibly a 5k on the horizon), looks like i may be in that lull for awhile…

  8. Hey my name is Ivan and I am 12 years old. I ran my first marathon when I was 11 years old. GOOD LUCK ON ALL YOUR RACES!!!!!!!!!!

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