great expectations

before taking on cat hill

Now I finally know how the elite runners in last year’s NYC Marathon felt. With the most stacked field in awhile, the best conditions in awhile, the buzz was that this was going to be an exciting race, course records were going to fall…which as we all knew, didn’t happen.

That’s sorta how I felt about Saturday’s Club Team Championships. As far as Central Park races go, this was my favorite. The weather conditions called for an unseasonably cool day. The field was much, much smaller than normal (how bout 500 instead of 5000 peeps!) due to the club-only race and the separate men’s/women’s starts. Basically-all signs pointed to a good race…hence the “great expectations” in the title. Not to be…

Mile 1-8:03
Mile 2-7:52
Mile 3-8:13
Mile 4-8:19
Mile 5-7:43

Final result, 40:10 (8:02 pace)

Before anyone says it-I’m sure, just looking at the numbers, that it didn’t seem like a bad race. However-last year-when it was almost 20 degrees warmer, much more humid, and I had tired legs from marathon training, I did this race in 39 minutes. (And in fact, my recent SF half time, on a much tougher course, predicted 39 minutes for a 5-miler too…)

I’m still not sure what happened. First mile-I felt I was still warming up a bit…2nd mile I made up the time a little bit on the downhill…3rd mile had the least crowd support…4th mile was Cat Hill, but I actually did a little better than I thought I would there. I looked at my watch and saw that I’d need a 7:32 last mile to get under 40…could I do it? Although there was quite a bit of cheering, it seemed a little more subdued than last year (and it seemed that there were a couple of teams who went out of their way to not cheer for me) though the Flyers were great, as usual..I tried to push it, but wasn’t enough and was disappointed to see the 40:xx on my watch. Though apparently I wiped the disappointment off my face long enough to get nabbed by the NYRR photographer here

me and runner26 modeling our skirts after the raceBut the non-competitve stuff was fun. I liked cheering our guys on in mile 1 and near the end, and our annual team picnic afterwards. And lots of the Flyer women, including myself were modeling our new fitted top…looked quite nice!! And later that afternoon, we took on CPTC in softball again…was a good time, but the fact that I was placed last in the lineup…I dunno, I felt once again like the fat, unathletic girl who always gets picked last for a team…meh.

As for the running stuff…I can’t quite figure out what is going on. I can run a decent half, but I just choke so badly in the short races. I have been doing speedwork-though I admit the last coupla months…hadn’t been going well between the mega-heat waves that always seem to crop up on Tuesdays, or the fact that some of the workouts were a little too long for hot days and I can’t seem to get the effort in. Weekly mileage is decent, long runs are decent, so I really think that’s where the problem is lying. Only problem is, I don’t know how to fix it…

Guess no one said it was gonna be easy…

8 thoughts on “great expectations

  1. oh c’mon … you are much more athletic than most girls (or boys) that i know…

  2. We all have off days… and it sounds like the longer distances may be more your strong suit anyway. Great to see you out there!

  3. I know what you mean–I seem to run my best when I’m sick and it’s raining. You still did a great job though 🙂

  4. Some days it doesn’t come together, but I gotta say your time was still pretty good. And picking it up in the last mile like you did isn’t so easy.I should’ve looked for you a little harder, I stood at the top of Cat Hill and watched and cheered the runners going by. My race went pretty well, though there were so many sharky fast guys present, I pretty much got smoked. But the weather was nice, at least that helped. Anyway, good job….

  5. When it comes down to it, it’s just a race. Short races are very difficult and as much as I think I’m starting to get them, there’s still room to get better! Keep your chin up and I’m sure there are many speedy days ahead:)

  6. derek-yeah, but no one likes being picked last for a team…especially when things are not supposed to be competitive, when it’s supposed to be fun…sempre-longer distances, and apparently 3000 miles from home too 🙂 (but i may give the 5k another shot in october…outside of CP)runner26-lol, don’t i know it. you had a great comeback race!!satan-“sharky fast”-love that!! actually in this race, picking it up in the last mile is easier than usual…its ever so slightly downhill and there’s the most cheering at the enduptown girl-i hope so. i’m actually considering something different…stay tuned 🙂

  7. I hate comment moderation. But here goes.You’re tough on yourself! Bad days come, that’s what makes the good days so special. I looked at your times and they’re pretty good! Your run in the park turned out to be just that, a terrific run in the park. When I ran the NYCRFTC 5K I was surprised I didn’t break 25 minutes–but it was a great run in the park! I see your 3M PR is slower than your 5K. Mine too, and it’s been bugging me for years. 3-milers are hard to find and I have always just wanted to break 22 minutes (PR–22:09). Leading up to this year’s try, I passed 3 miles in 21:58 in a ten-miler. It was finally in the bag, eh? Three weeks later I crawled home in the actual 3-miler in 22:30 and kicked myself for days. Unlike your recent effort, I couldn’t and didn’t speed it up any the last mile tho I knew I had to. It just happens. There’s always next year.

  8. Hi, Having justread details of your 5 mile , one idea might be to jog and be warmed more before the race starts!!! As you say that you had to use the first mile to get into the race !!! I would suggest easy jogging for at least 15 mins before race starts !!!

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