there will always be a rabbit…

This past Saturday, I did my usual paceleading duties in NYRR’s Long training run. I figured I’d do my usual 9:30 group, but scale back the mileage a bit, as I really don’t have anything super-long to train for, and there was more a need for pacers near the end, so I agreed to pace the last 9 miles, that way I get to sleep an hour or so later! Easy peasy.

Well I almost didn’t think I’d make it in time…carbo-loading the night before with 4 pints of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat and 2 shots is not recommended. When I got there, the 8:30 groups were hitting the transverse-cool, I had time. Saw Uptown Girl pass by with her 9:00 pace group-yep, she used her pacemaster duties to the fullest extent and helped us out.

Finally the 9:30s came by, and I joined the 2nd group to help out someone who was struggling a little bit. The first 5 mile loop was a breeze-we were pretty much on pace (well, when we saw an accurate mile marker) and there were some very nice people in the group who I chatted with about marathons and other stuff. Trakmaniak and JD passed by with their 7:30 group. before I knew it, that loop was over!!

For the last 4-mile loop, I had to wait for the next group to come in so we can consolidate (since both the pacers and pacees were dwindling.) We set off on this loop…and this is the loop where I got annoyed. Not at myself, I was running just fine. The other pacer in this group decided to pick up the pace about halfway through-and I was majorly dropped by her and the group…by the end I was pretty much running solo (and even had someone comment “Where’s your group?”) To put this in perspective-I probably averaged 9:15s for that last loop, meaning the rest of the group probably was doing sub-9s. Look, I know some pace leaders and/or pacees like to pick it up in the last loop. But if that was the case, don’t those who want to stay on pace have the right to know beforehand?

Well, I finished up, and joined a few other Flyers where we headed away from the park and on the way to a fun brunch…good food and company (not to mention funny stuff…like talking about Trakmaniak’s bandana…but a little slip of the tongue and saying a different word than bandana…OK, guess you had to be there :-p ), complete with a shopping trip to Urban Athletics afterwards.

And sadly, I wasted the rest of the beautiful weather that day in favor of napping…guess the previous night caught up with me!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “there will always be a rabbit…

  1. Sorry to hear about your solo loop – that stinks. The important thing though, is that you were on pace with the brunch group!

  2. So, I skipped brunch because I had plans to go to an afternoon concert and needed to rush home. I arrived home only to discover that the concert was on Sunday! Such a sad, sad dumb a55. And I really could’ve used a Bloody Mary too.That’s what 20 miles does to your brain.Raincheck for this weekend (post club champs)?

  3. I get VERY irritated during long runs when pace leaders pick it up. Their responsibility is to the entire group, and if that means they are stuck back with only one or two runners, so be it. It’s what they signed up for. The Chicago Area Runners program that I paced for was really strict about that.

  4. I agree with bcg. If you’re signed up to pace lead, then you have to run that pace. Otherwise, don’t sign up–just run your own run.

  5. I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad experience:( My group actually stuck to plan! See you this weekend!

  6. johnny-yeah, i guess i should be used to it by now though. looks like you had a great group to lead though!! (was RB your co-leader?)jon-brunch will be on the flyers, though not sure alcohol is provided. c-ya and r26-yeah, i think maybe some more pace leader education should be in order…uptown girl-you did great for your first attempt as a pace leader!!

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