home sweet home?

After 6 days of the glorious SF weather, the minute I stepped outside at JFK, the weather was just as sticky and humid as I had left it last Friday…

Then the $5 that was on my MetroCard for the AirTrain (I put $10 on last week so that would be one less thing for me to worry about on the return trip) had somehow disappeared in the last week…

Then we found out there was no E train service between Jamaica and Union Turnpike…oh if only I had known before boarding the AirTrain, woulda taken the A instead!! Had to drag all my stuff on a shuttle bus and transfer…well sorta good thing, I got an F train instead which was express in Queens and got a cab as soon as I hit Manhattan.

Top it all off, my body is still on West Coast time, I couldnt fall asleep til 4am, and my dad calls at 8:30 am.

Yep, I miss San Francisco already. More to come…

But til then, here’s one of the pics from the half…


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