guilt trip

why, oh why, does hell always have to break loose at work whenever I want to get away?? I swear, is it an unspoken rule that it never is a good time to take vacation? i know i deserve this break, and have been looking forward to it. But can’t help but feel guilty about abandoning work during a crunch period, when the rest of my group is already drowning (and one about to give birth in the next few weeks!!)

Needless to say, I will be screening all phone calls I get, and not answering any unfamiliar numbers while I am out 🙂

Did manage to escape today for my last speed workout before the half… it was similar to the one did way back when…6 continous loops of the great lawn oval, but at half-marathon pace, and to try and keep consistent…

Lap Time Pace
1 3:59 7:48
2 4:08 8:06
3 4:07 8:04
4 4:10 8:10
5 4:09 8:08
6 4:05 8:00

As per usual, rabbit the first lap, but the remainder was consistent…workout pace average was 8:03…if that is my pace on Sunday, I’d be happy…

Though cautiously optimistic, given the hills. Yeah, a couple of (non-runner) co-workers who either used to live in SF or have been there before were trying to warn me about the hills there. Look…I train in Central Park, I’ve done long runs before with killer hills in the Palisades and Lake Placid, I’ve utilized NYC’s man-made hills (aka bridges)…and let’s not forget a hilly marathon I ran last year? (What do those guys know…)

3 thoughts on “guilt trip

  1. Just remember that the office will survive without you, and then enjoy your vacation.Now, you repeat that back to me …

  2. Just promise you won’t answer any work calls during the race!

  3. How come non-runners (and even runners sometimes) turn into course experts? If there are hills, you’ll find them and adjust, and running CP and elsewhere has prepared you for them anyway. You’ll be fine. And everybody at work will be fine, too, they’ll just have to deal with you being gone.

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