changed the name, ain’t the same

before climbing cat hillbelieve me, I do respect the fact that the sponsors are quite helpful in making these races happen. But the name change from the “Dash and Splash” to the Naples-New York Park to Park 10K…I dunno, kinda changed the tone a little bit (and I think some people did not catch the pool party afterwards.)

So morning of, still warm but not as bad as the last coupla races I did. I know I didn’t have my “A” game on that day, between only 4 hours sleep and quite a few drinks the night before…

My splits:

8:07 (some idiot crossed the road right in front of me)
8:10 (through the west side hills)
8:00 (down the west side)
8:23 (around the bottom of the park…slowed for water here, it was getting hot!)
8:21 (Trakmaniak was taking pics at the bottom of Cat Hill)
7:56 (another teammate was taking pics by Engineers Gate, but got another back view of me)
1:37 (sprinting to the end, someone saw my clenched fists and told me to open them up…dunno if that helped, but thanks!)

Final time-50:34, 8:09 pace.

You know, I wonder if 10ks are really my distance anymore…I used to like them, but this race I had 2 thoughts: “I wish this was a 5K” (so I can blast it and get it over with) and “I wish this was a half-marathon” (so I can slow down a little!) This definitely wasn’t my best race effort, but if I can maintain this pace for an upcoming half I’d be happy…

courtesy of brightroom...taken near the end, maybe?The pool part afterwards was quite low-key…only 3 other Flyers besides me showed up, and none of the guys-so looks like a certain pic couldn’t be re-created. Was actually fine with me, as I just wanted to take a quick dip, lay out in the sun to dry off, then head to Urban Athletics to pick up my new fitted Flyers top…don’t it look nice?

And as you can tell from the pictures, I tried out my new MarathonGirl COOLair skirt…worked like a charm!! Was very comfortable, felt like wearing nothing…and a certain shot that our photographer got put my mind at ease, it wasnt too revealing in the back. (And as one of my male teammates who passed me in mile 4 said “I probably would have posted a time that was faster by a minute or so had you not lined up ahead of me…” thanks 🙂 )

My next Central Park race will be next month’s (thankfully non-crowded) Club Champs…where I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of you bloggers 🙂 In the meantime, San Francisco, here I come!!

4 thoughts on “changed the name, ain’t the same

  1. I still can’t work out which distance I prefer either – Short and sharp and get it over but feel like I’m working hard all the time, or steady and slow, even paced, with just a kick at the end – One day I’ll work it out!Enjoy the West Coast – Look forward to reading all about it. (I’ve heard they have booze in SF as well!)

  2. Glad you’re taking the trip after all. Have a GREAT time!

  3. Enjoy your vacation. You certainly deserve some time off.

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