Originally uploaded by nyflygirl76.

Booze cruise on the hudson river…passing by the statue of liberty


5 thoughts on “cruisin’

  1. Don’t give into temptation. Please practice moderation. Let me be a shining example to you on proper decorum and deportment.

  2. Boozing and cruising – Good Training plan – I like that one 🙂

  3. jon-i was with work, so i had no choice but to be on (semi) good behaviorliam-ohhh boy this did nothing for the training planjosh-this was via spirit cruises…this left from chelsea, went around the bottom of nyc and up the east side a little then back…let me say, the queensboro looks smaller when i’m not running across it 🙂

  4. Oh yes, the Spirit Booze Cruise. Done that one too. How was the entertainment…And yes, sailing under the 59th st. bridge with a cocktail in hand is way easier than running over it.

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