music in central park and good weather don’t mix

Unbelievable. Not only was last month’s Opera in the Park a rainout, but so was last night’s Philharmonic in the Park. And wouldn’t you know it, the same thing happened this time last year. And who can forget this? Second showing (not that I care so much about the music, just wanna sit outside and guzzle wine) is next Tuesday, and I fully expect rain in the forecast.

On the running front, the mileage the last coupla weeks has been consistently in the 30s for the first time since marathon training last year. I’ll be toeing the line at this weekend’s Dash and Splash-whether I race it or not will be a game-day decision based on the weather (but I honestly care more about my wardrobe choice…teehee.) Next up after that will be the SF half

And on the topic of that, even though I have everything booked, I have been too crazed to even plan an itinerary besides the race. Yep, you guessed it…work. Trying to get a shitload of stuff done before I leave, plus someone in my group going on maternity leave once i get back…you guessed it, August-November are gonna be brutal.

And all of this has sorta made me lean towards not running the marathon this year…I just know I am going to have no time to seriously train, and I know myself, I wouldn’t be satisfied with just completing it and not trying my best.

Not excactly the happiest blog entry but that’s life in a nutshell.


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