this may give the naked shorts a run for their money

My new MarathonGirl COOLair skirt came in the mail yesterday… (i got this color)

another skirt pic! This looks like another one that feels like wearing nothing (and given the ever-so-slightly sheer fabric…may look like wearing nothing too!!) Instead of the silky fabric of the others…this is more of a light, stretchy CoolMax. I think this one will be perfect for those hot and humid days…now I know what I’ll be wearing for Club Champs 🙂

On that note, here’s another skirt pic for ya (wearing the “black and smooch” GymGirl.) This one taken last night on the West Side Highway path, as our Monday night downtown group had our inaugural “First Monday” run-to-beer night. After 8 1/2 miles for most (I bailed a little after 5 miles) we re-hydrated at Old Town Bar and Grill. It was fun, little reminiscent of the old run-to-beer Wednesday nights…

Happy 4th (and happy Canada Day to those who celebrate 😉 )-doesn’t it seem weird to have the holiday in the middle of the week? Not really a holiday weekend. It’s ok, the upcoming non-holiday weekend is shaping up to be a fun one.

23 days to vacation!!


2 thoughts on “this may give the naked shorts a run for their money

  1. If only men’s running fashion were as cool and stylish…!

  2. ooohhh pretty! I’ll see you tonight–can’t wait!

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