thank god the rains came

Seriously, NYC needed a cooling-down this week. This was how my runs so far this week have gone…

Monday-downtown group run, 6.8 miles out and back on the West Side Highway…being by the water didn’t help much, didn’t cool us down…needless to say quite a few water stops were made.

Tuesday nite speedwork-about 90 degrees and insanely humid. I was praying the coaches would dial back the workout (shorter repeats, perhaps?) or at least, tell us to be careful with the heat…no such luck, the workout was 2 x the 1.6 mile bridle path (with 3 minutes rest inbetween) at 5K pace (or “85% effort.”) Oh, and we had to try and do the 2nd loop faster than the first. Yeah, obviously none of this happened for me, first loop as 8:15ish pace, second was 8:40ish-definitely not 5K pace, definitely not 85% effort. Once again, the heat and humidity got the best of me… (don’t know why anyone would think otherwise though…)

Wednesday was originally gonna be my kickboxing-and-weights day…but the power outages on the East Side and the subways being affected caused our office to be closed “early” at 5pm :-p And I didn’t want to chance getting stuck in midtown, so I just went home and decided to do a “run easy” 5 miler :-p Didn’t feel as bad as the last 2 days (yes, there are some merits to running easy!!), but the weather…it was like running underwater again.

And thank god the rains came and cooled things down…this weekend is looking nice!!

And can you believe all the insanity over the iPhone? This is one bandwagon I will not be jumping on…


One thought on “thank god the rains came

  1. This week was a sweat fest! yuck! The AT&T store right next door to where I work had a line stretching around the corner. Ridiculous!

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